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Cairo Information

Anglo-Egyptian Bookstore
165 Shar'a Muhammad Farid, Downtown

In the St. David building, this hhas a pleasant search-through-the-stacks ambience. The selection of books here is excellent, especially nonfiction.

First Residence

For luxury boutiques, try the First Residence shopping center in Giza.

World Trade Center
World Trade Center, Corniche al-Nil, Boulaq

The World Trade Center in Boulaq has more than 100 shops.

22 Shar'a Gawad Hosni, Downtown

One of the best auction houses in town, this is on an unmarked alley off Shar'a Qasr al-Nil.

Khan al-Khalili

Cairo shopping starts at the Khan al-Khalili, the great medieval souk. Although it has been on every tourist's itinerary for centuries, and some of its more visible wares can seem awfully tacky, the Khan is where everyone -- newcomer and age-old Cairene alike -- goes to find traditional items: jewelry, lamps, spices, clothes, textiles, handicrafts, water pipes, metalwork, you name it. Whatever it is, you can find it somewhere in this skein of alleys or the streets around them. Every Khan veteran has the shops he or she swears by -- usually because of the fact (or illusion) she or he is known there personally and is thus less likely to be overcharged. Go, browse, and bargain hard. Once you buy something, don't ask how much it costs at the next shop; you'll be happier that way.
Stores generally are open 10-9 Monday through Saturday; most close on Sunday and during Friday prayer (the hour around noon; 1 PM during daylight saving time between April and October).

Khan Misr Toulun
Shar'a Tulun Bay

This small, quirky store just in front of the entrance to the Mosque of Ibn Tulun sells handicrafts from all over Egypt. The quality of the goods is excellent. The shop is open daily 9-6 but is closed weekends in August.

15 Shar'a Qasr al-Nil

This small, unostentatious bookstore is one of the world's premier sources for antique maps and out-of-print books on a Middle Eastern theme. The store smells appropriately musty, and you might easily while away an afternoon looking through the old postcards, photographs, and assembled treasures.

Centre des Arts
1 Mahad al-Swissri, Zamalek

This state-run gallery in an old villa hosts the annual Youth Salon, which gives a good survey (the work can be of mixed quality) of what is happening in the local art scene.

Mashrabia Gallery
8 Shar'a Champollion, Downtown

This is Cairo's best contemporary art gallery. The space itself is not much to look at, but the quality of work is sometimes exceptional. Shows of Egypt's foremost artists -- including Adel al-Siwi, Muhammad Abla, Rehab al-Sadek, Hamdi Atteya, and Awad al-Shimy -- change monthly, and there is a small shop in the back.

17 Shar'a Sherif

A small blue sign on the building's second floor identifies this good auction house. Lots are shown for several days in advance of a two-day auction, which usually operates on a cash-only basis. Check the Egyptian Gazette for the latest auction schedules.

The American University in Cairo (AUC) Bookshop
Hill House, AUC Campus, 113 Shar'a Qasr al-Aini, Downtown

You'll find the widest range of foreign fiction here, as well as books from the University Press -- local and regional fiction and scholarly works -- that are far more interesting than their covers.

La Casa del Habano
Semiramis Inter-Continental, Corniche al-Nil, Downtown

An unexpected gold mine for cigar lovers, this shop is stocked with all the cigars you can get back home and, if you're from the States, quite a few that you can't.

Pandora's Box
Apt. 1, 4 Shar'a Isma'il Muhammad, Zamalek

As the name suggests, this is the exception to every Cairo rule: a funky orientalist showroom for the latest club fashions for women from French labels like Plein Sud. Size up the clothes while lounging on antique and reproduction furniture (also for sale) from India and Syria. The owner, Alia, does custom-made haute couture dresses on request.

Youssef Spahi
20 Shar'a Mansour Muhammad, Zamalek

Spahi is one of Egypt's most successful designers of evening wear. Designs are spare by local standards but more ornate than most others.

World Trade Center, Corniche al-Nil, Boulaq

Come here for lamps, sofas, woodwork screens, textiles, and cushions, some of them hand-painted, some with more European style than you might be looking for.

Mit Rehan
13 Shar'a Mara'ashly, Zamalek

This is the best source for modern Egyptian furniture -- which means Islamic or pharaonic motifs applied to traditional pieces, like mashrabiyya screens, or to western-style pieces, like sofas.

Al-Ain Gallery
73 Shar'a Husayn, Doqqi

Stop here for the work of Azza Fahmy, an internationally known jewelry designer who draws on traditional motifs for inspiration. Furniture and lamps are also for sale.

Cairo Marriott, Shar'a Saray al-Gezira, Zamalek

Relatively inexpensive, vaguely Bedouin-style jewelry is sold here, along with some interesting textiles from Siwa Oasis and the Sinai.

Zamalek Bookshop
19 Shar'a Shagaret al-Dor, Zamalek

This bookshop is a great source for books on ancient and contemporary Egypt and for Egyptian novels. It also sells an array of slides and albums.
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